10x Strength Turkesterone Extract 5082mg x 120 Capsules

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Ajuga Turkestanica Extract 5000mg (Whole herb) (Standardized 10:1 extract, providing 500mg Turkesterone) 120 capsules per bottle

Meet your new gym partner; 10X Strength Turkesterone Extract.

Here to provide you with a natural boost to your workouts, recovery, and over-all male health.

Containing an average of 10 times more active ingredient per tablet than most other Turkesterone supplements, each capsule contains the equivalent of 5000mg of Ajuga Turkestanica, standardized to provide (10%) 500mg of Turkesterone Extract and high levels of Ecdysterone (1%).

Just about every other brand claims a similar strength of 500mg, but this is typically 500mg of whole herb, with 10% of that being  turkesterone extract, thus providing just 50mg of the actual plant sterol you’re wanting. Always check the back of the labels!

Each capsule is fortified with 82mg of calcium to help maintain normal bones and muscle function.

We understand how important it is for you to know exactly what you're putting in your body, which is why 10X Strength Turkesterone Extract is thoroughly tested throughout manufacturing, and sent for independent third-party testing upon completion. Full transparency and control at every step ensures you can trust in the purity and quality of every dose.

Each bottle of 10X Strength Turkesterone Extract contains 120 capsules, providing up to 4 months supply and exceptional value for money.


10X more Turkesterone Extract

We started producing health supplements in 2005 with a goal to create products that are strong enough to be effective.

Our 10X Strength Turkesterone Extract supplement is formulated to be 10X stronger than most similar supplements, upholding our steadfast pursuit to help people achieve their health goals.

Each capsule contains the equivalent of 5000mg of Ajuga Turkestanica, providing a full 500mg of turkesterone extract.

You will commonly see turkesterone supplements advertised with a claimed  500mg Turkesterone per capsule. In most cases this is vague and misleading.

On the back of the bottle of most turkesterone supplements you will see the listed ingredients with words to the effect; “Turkesterone (10%) 500mg”.

This means that each tablet or capsule contains 500mg of the plant from which the extract is produced, and only 10% (or 50mg) is the active extract you are looking for.

Our capsules provide a full 500mg of the potent extract, derived from 5000mg of the plant.

The natural choice

10X Strength Turkesterone is designed to naturally and effectively support male health with its powerful combination of high-strength and maximum concentration.

Each capsule of 10X Strength Turkesterone Extract not only provides a potent dose of the primary nutrient, but we have also standardized for 1% ecdysterones. 

It’s quite common for similar supplements to use poor quality extract containing 0% ecdysterone.

Now, you no longer need to take a second supplement to get the full benefit of these synergistic plant sterols.

In producing 10X Strength Turkesterone Extract, we work only with purposefully selected harvests of Ajuga Turkestanica leaf from which turkesterone is extracted. We then utilize advanced manufacturing and purification processes that result in a superior raw ingredient, with less impurities and a purer, more biologically available sterone.

These processes include sonication, microfiltration, and liquid chromatography.

We have further fortified each capsule with calcium to help support normal bone health and muscle function, making this the most comprehensive Turkesterone supplement.

Making effective health supplements accessible to everyone is at the core of what we do. Our 10X Strength Turkesterone are powerfully dosed, and affordably priced, with each bottle containing 120 capsules and providing up to 4-months supply, allowing for longer consistent use.

With all this combined, 10X Strength Turkesterone is elevated to a class all of its own, and the only choice if you want a truly effective supplement.

Take one tablet daily, preferably with a meal. Do not exceed stated dose.

Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 120
Ajuga Turkestanica Extract 5000mg (Whole herb) (Standardized 10:1 extract, providing 500mg Turkesterone and 1% [50mg] Ecdysterones)
Calcium carbonate 82mg)
Other Ingredients: Gelatin

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ian St. John (Calgary, CA)
Maybe Its Me

Tried one capsule so far. Results had me wondering if it was pollen season. Stuffed nose, headache, etc. It may be just that I am 73 or maybe that I am just not compatible with phytosteroids. Have to try lowering dosage (mix with filler) and see if there is a concentration that works without side effects or if I build up a tolerance.

Stephen Davis (Cirencester, GB)
Awesome service

Great product 😃

Graeme Bonney (Wigan, GB)

10x Strength Turkesterone Extract 5082mg x 120 Capsules

Marlot Francis (Phuket, TH)
change in libido but pricey

Ordered 2 bottles to save a bit because they're expensive but they work so it's well worth it. Definitely noticed a difference in libido and performance.

Nord King
solid performance boost and faster revovery

Been on it for 3 weeks and I noticed an improvement almost right away. I can put up more weight, and added reps to every set. Not just the first ones either so it's increased my stamina. Also, I'm feeling a lot more horny which is a good or bad thing depending on when, annoying at work. I notice I don't ache as much the days after legs which is definitely a big plus. Second day after used to be a right pain as I work on my feet but now I feel better by day 2. PRice is good and these are the strongest I could find

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